Allure Chanel Perfume For Men Review: Perfection Can Be An Issue

Another day another classic: Chanel Allure Eau De Toilette. Right out of the spray, it smells classy and masculine, clean and warm. There are woods to the foreground, with a nice support from spices – which don’t scratch, but make it warmer – and a hint of aromatic bitterness.


That aromatic side, with its green and moist tones, is indeed the best of the ancillary notes at this initial stage, but then, after a couple of minutes Allure Chanel cologne gets more defined and starts to change, although subtly. All the notes above are still there, but none of them stands out, not the greenness, not the spices, not the woods. Everything is blended together ever so perfectly, that the personality of the start is cut in half. Perfection is an issue here.


Clean detergent notes were used very sparingly, and shift gradually towards a greenish vanilla in the base. Chanel Allure parfum offers a low, steady humming, it’s “determined but lightsome” as the Fragrantica page says. Indeed, it’s a bit too lightsome: the duration was really short on me, after four hours it was gone.


Allure Homme is a perfect fragrance, but not much more than that I’m afraid. The accent on woods make it more suitable for guys over 30.


Chanel Allure Pour Homme Review

Chanel Allure Pour Homme Review